At ROYAL COURTIERS LAUNDRY we provide top-quality cleaning for all items, we handle any stain on any piece and we work just as hard to provide equally great customer service and communication. Each garment goes through a lengthy cleaning process which involves experienced hands and most up to date machinery available in the market.

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Our Packages

Our packages are priced to fit your budget

What is Prepaid plan?

Prepaid plan is a laundry package that ensures users to pay for the service upfront. Prepaid users are generally those who do a lot of wash.

If you wash more than N15, 000 monthly, and you are on postpaid plan, then you are spending too much.

You can spend lesser than that, if you are on prepaid (Discount Available). This is so because the plans are cheaper than postpaid plans.

Partner with us and enjoy the best!!!

What is Postpaid plan?

Postpaid plan is laundry package that bills users at the end of each month. With postpaid plan, you will receive the total bill at the end of each month based on your actual usage. This service is better for people with a secured income.

If you wash up to N10, 000 on a monthly basis, and you are an income receiver, then you are advised to port to Postpaid.

Prepaid plans might be cheaper than the postpaid mobile network plan, but it does not give as much usage benefits asĀ Postpaid.

Pay As You Go Plan

This plan, is also known as no-contract plans. It does not require a monthly contract.

Here on this plan, users pay to have a certain amount of wash as you go.

Thankfully, users can use this package at any time.

How We Work

We collect clean and deliver your cloths within 72HRS

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